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Beach viewWelcome to the Alliance of Brunswick County Property Owners Associations' (ABCPOA) website.

The purpose of creating the Alliance was to develop a forum to discuss common concerns and issues in order to approach county and state governments with a unified voice and to assure as much as possible that our comments and positions were considered and addressed.

The Alliance of Brunswick County Property Owners Associations (ABCPOA) hosted its third bi-annual Board of Directors Forum, Forum III, on Friday, October 9th, 2015, at Brunswick Community College, Odell Williamson Auditorium.

Experts made presentations and took questions on POA financial planning, legal issues, arbitration and other topics of interest to associations. Power Point Presentations of six of those topics can be downloaded at the links below:

Pre-Litigation HOA Mediation by Amanda Jordan-Brainard of the ADR Center

Capital Reserves by Criterium Giles Engineers

"Four Things I Wish All HOA Boards Knew" by John Stone and Ed Bedford of CAS, Inc.

Collection of Assessments by Bonnie M. Braudway, Attorney, Craige and Fox

North Carolina Planned Community Act, Types of Meetings and Meeting Minutes by Ed Bedford, CAS, Inc.

Public Relations by Ashley Warren, MMI Public Relations